Cover Letter for the
Messhof Programmer Position

I’ve been a Messhof fan for a long time. Pipedreamz was a big inspiration to me early on. It was just so cool! And I mean Randy Balma… *chef's kiss*. Also poocuzzi is obviously has the greatest alt-controller of all time.

All that is pretty ancient history now now but I appreciate how you’ve managed to keep the abrasive beauty and uncompromising weirdness while making commercial games.

About me: So far I’ve worked on two major releases, as co-lead designer/director on Genital Jousting (nominated for an IGF award for best narrative), and on Broforce, as well as a cornucopia of heartfelt and experimental indie games including a speed dating game for wrestlers, an ongoing saga about about two sentient ice cream cones going on dates after the collapse of humanity and subsequent rise of frozen treats as the dominant life form, and most recently, Teenage Blob, a joint game/EP release with Philly punk band, The Superweaks, which dropped in August.

I have the skills and experience to meet your technical needs but I also like to think I have the soft skills of empathy, self-awareness, independence and general good-working-togetherness. I have a good eye and an appreciation for how all the disciplines work together to make the whole and am comfortable giving direction and taking criticism.

The job listing calls for someone who is detail oriented and, to be honest, I’m not sure if that’s me. In general I’m not a detailed oriented person but that is often as a good thing as I can stay focused on the bigger picture. I am, however, a real stickler when it comes to mood, game feel and intuitive interaction design.

I am based in Cape Town, which is more or less the same time zone as the UK, but am comfortable working West Coast hours and am open to relocation down the line.

I can’t be sure but I think I share the messhof sensibilities and values and would be a good fit.

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