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Cover Letter for the
Mid/Senior Programmer Position

I still remember the sense of awe I experienced launching Alto's Odyssey for the first time. One theory of the experience on the nature of awe speculates that it occurs when an experience exceeds all expectation and causes your brain to expand its model of what is possible. That was certainly true of my experience. I think it's one of the most well-crafted games I've seen. Whether it's true or not, I got the sense that every pixel is right where it's supposed to be. Every moment excruciatingly considered.

Creatively, I get a real kick out of subtlety and quiet. My favourite part of making games is adding all the little sounds and details that breathe life into the art and code. My second love is building tools that help others to do their best work. Whether that be editors, importers, scripting languages or just well crafted engines. 

So far I’ve worked on two major releases, as co-lead designer/director on Genital Jousting (nominated for an IGF award for best narrative), and on Broforce, as well as a cornucopia of heartfelt and experimental indie games including a speed dating game for wrestlers, an ongoing saga about about two sentient ice cream cones going on dates after the collapse of humanity and subsequent rise of frozen treats as the dominant life form, and most recently, Teenage Blob, a joint game/EP release with Philly punk band, The Superweaks, which dropped in August. Although the aforementioned games are all pretty bombastic my secret passion is making more quiet, beautiful games and I've included two videos of such projects below.

I have the hard skills and experience to meet your technical requirements but I also like to think I have the soft skills of empathy, self-awareness, independence and general good-working-togetherness. I also have a good eye and understanding for how all the disciplines work together to make the whole and am comfortable giving direction and taking criticism.

I believe I have a lot to offer your team and your projects and I'm very fussy about who I apply to work for. I only approach studios that are doing truly inspiring work and you have that in spades. I will bring a gentle, thoughtful, and grounded energy to your team and put my heart into every tool, system, and design.

I am based in Cape Town, which is more or less the same time zone as the UK, daylight savings not withstanding, and I'm open to travelling as necessary.

Hope to chat, Richard

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